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Welcome to the Noah's Ark and Early Man Seminar web-page of Arnold C. Mendez, Sr. You have been directed here because you recently attended a Noah's Ark Seminar (NAS) or an Early Man Seminar (EMS) as presented by Arnold C. Mendez, Sr., or have expressed interest in those subjects.

This website contains information to supplement the information that was presented during the seminars. The articles section contains documents written by Mr. Mendez and other authors. These articles cover the subject of evolution, creation, radiometric dating, the Genesis Flood, Homo erectus, Neanderthal man, and many other subjects that deal with the Biblical record. In the articles sections you will be able to download the material that was contained in the various binders as presented at the seminar. This section also contains the information presented on the posters displayed during the seminar. This poster information includes many photos and literature. Please feel free to view this material for a better understanding of the concepts covered during the seminar.

This website includes audio and video downloads of samplings of the various seminars. Included with these downloads are handouts and photos that you may print in order to follow along with the seminars. Sermons given at various Church of God locations are also available for download. Audio files are in mp3 format, video files are in flash video (.flv) format and can be played via a flash player.  Also you may click on the link to  download Adobe Acrobat reader to allow you to read the material provided within.

If you would like seminar information please click on the seminar info button. This link will give information on how to arrange for a seminar presentation in your church location. You will also be able to view dates and locations of past and upcoming NA-EM Seminars by clicking on the schedule button.

Click below to download the free adobe acrobat reader, which will enable your computer to read the PDF documents or the free adobe flash player which will enable your computer to view the videos.



Left: Arnold Mendez commenting on the cranial shape of a Homo erectus fossil while lecturing at the Ambassador Bible Center July 22-23, 2004 located in Cincinnati, OH (photo-Virginia Mendez). 


Right: Answering questions at a Noah's Ark and Early Man Seminar presented at the Twin Cites Families of God Weekend in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN.  A record 317 people attended the activity held on May 17-18, 2003 (photo-William Ellison).